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Dec 12, 2011

sorry wan~

i didn't meant to.
tp, wait!
azreen nak tanya.. is it pelik when i'm using the word "tiba" for this sentence, eg: saya dah tiba rumah?
is it pelik? ok. let me tell u something.
for this case, i've found so many peoples who had been laughed at me. why? 
n fyi, last time, my ex-bf, syafiq also do the same damn thing. he laughed at me? wat's wrong with that? is that funny enough for u?
for the last time, syafiq yg buatkan i sedar. there's no many cases that use this word. commonly, they used word "sampai". so, i understood.
but, i though i will never found somenone like syafiq after this. errr...u know what i mean. we broke up last 2 months. n u know how do i felt!
but, then, tonite, i found another one. he's wan.
wan laughed at me. just like syafiq.
actually... bukan sebab tuh. bukan apa.. maybe, wan buatkan aq ingat kat syafiq. ooopppsss sorrryyy.. de..errr..xpelah.. syafiq jerlah. nalas nak mencarut depnnya tuh. 
so, tiba2 mood nak marah2.. sebab igt kat syafiq. 
sorry wan.. i didn't meant to.. fffuuhhh... sorry again. 
it's been hurt u know. when suddenly got someone that can remind u to ur last ex-bf... n, de most important one is, the ex yg u syg gila.. memang x ah kan.. memang sentap ah kan..

*or maybe, i'm in pms.. hehehehe.. sorryy waaannnnnn~~~

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