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Mar 7, 2012

HE IS....

  • follow me when i walk away from him mad
  • grab me and don't let go when i push him
  • ask me what's wrong when i'm quiet
  • give me his attention when i ignore him
  • pull me back when i pull away
  • tell me i'm beautiful even i'm at my worst
  • hold me without talking when he sees my crying
  • sneak up and hug my waist from behind when he sees me walking 
  • protect me when i'm scared
  • tilt my head back and kiss me when i lay my head on his shoulder
  • reassure me that everything's ok when i don't answer for a long time
  • to tell me the truth when i look at him with doubt
  • play with my fingers when i grab his hands
  • don't look away when i look him in the eyes
  • know that the pain never goes away when he breaks my heart
  • know that i still want him to be mine even when i say it's over
  • call me when he knows that something is bothering me
  • say to me that he loves me more that i can ever love him
  • hug me tight when i'm mad
  • don't believe me when i say i'm ok and to stay with me and talk
  • call me at 12am on my birthday and say that he loves me and that he's glad i was born
  • stay on the phone even if i am not saying anything
  • call me before he goes to sleep and after he wakes up
  • treat me like i'm all that matters to him
  • let me wear his clothes
  • let me know that i'm important
  • give me the world

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