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Sep 26, 2011


since you have hold my hand
in the journey of time
my days are so joyful!
my life became to shine...

since u have always loved me
on my good and my bad
i promise to keep u happy
i wll never make u sad

since the day i saw u
it was just u in my min
your laugh, your dimples,
and your touch was so kind

since the moment we met
i became yours and made u mine
being with u is all that i want
as love is not a crime

since all the fights we have fought
we have always came close again
nothing can ever depart us
not any person or any pain

since now that u know my love
you know how i feel
lets always be together
and make our dreams come real

since u have read this poem
i know u are impressed
it's just a piece of my love
just wait for the rest :)

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