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Jul 13, 2011

i LOVE you... :D

"I love your smile, your eyes I get lost in, the way you mess up my hair trying to make me mad (like it even sometime i mad :D) , the way at the movies you put your arm around me and keep inching your body closer, I love the way you always smell so good,  
how you always look at me when you think I don't notice, how you text me from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed, how when I lean on your shoulder I can feel your breath on my ear, I love the way you walk without a care in the world, I love how no matter how upset I am you make me smile, I love the way you tease me in no matter what situation we are. even sometime my sis said : "mental ke dia tu? " ngee.. :D whenever I'm upset, you ask me what's wrong???  and also whenever i'm mad, u always give a space between us so that i being cool by myself. before i sleep, i always dream that i'll be your girl until tomorrow. but then, when i love waking up in the morning knowing I'm still your girl! If this only summed it all up how I love everything about you.Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me.. 
I love how you just read through this entire thing thinking about that one person this applies too favorite if you are now smiling...."

kami berdua yang buchook!
    "we doesn't need to do things perfectly. as long as we do it with all our heart, it's the best"


  1. ececece....sweet jek :)
    suke3...hepi 4 you adda :P

  2. maceh Mai.. i've been tru so many problems to get the perfect one n de perfect lover. but, i hope, for this one, he will be my last. pray for me syg.. i'll happy for u too.. thanx a lot Mai