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May 18, 2012

me without you is like.....

  • a pot head who's not high
  • a plane that doesn't fly
  • a suicidal that doesn't die
  • a fat man with no boobs
  • a starcraft with no noobs
  • a hooker with no luck
  • a shoe with no laces
  • a nerd without braces
  • asentencewithoutspaces
  • a gay guy without style
  • a phone without dial a desk without a seat
  • socks without feet
  • a heart missing its beat.
but, why did u treat me like this? u killed me not to die, dear. dont worry, i'm alive. but i'm loosing all my drive.
the whisper is the only noise of the receiver. i'm counting the second until you break the silence.

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